CHURCH History

In October 2004 God revealed to Pastor Foster that the time had come for him leave the denominational boundaries and establish a church. God’s desire for him was to establish a church where the people of God could come and worship without denominational strings and traditional chains, to worship the Lord with a “Free Spirit.” Pastor Foster’s objections about a lack of money, no building, no musical instruments, and no members were quickly rebuffed with “I’ll provide.” God told Pastor Foster that because he was starting with nothing, everything that happened in his ministry from this point forward he would know that God did it and not him. Pastor Foster was obedient and stepped out on faith and started Free Spirit Ministries.

With the above objections behind him, God directed Pastor Foster to a church located in Fayetteville, Georgia. After speaking with the pastor of the church and sharing with him what the Lord had placed in his spirit, the pastor agreed to rent Free Spirit Ministries the building and the use of everything. Pastor Foster knew then that it was because he had been faithful and obedient. During the next two years the membership grew tremendously under the dynamic preaching and teaching of Pastor Foster. Although they had been faithful stewards over the church they were renting, Pastor Foster shared with the members of FSM that it was time for them to own their own building. At the time he didn’t know where the Lord was directing him, but knew that God had something special in mind for the band of faith filled members.

God directed Pastor Foster to a church five miles away in Fairburn, Georgia. They purchased the building and it was dedicated on Resurrection Sunday, April 2007, and named Free Spirit Ministries Worship Center. Since Free Spirit Ministries has been in its current location of 7880 Wood Road, Fairburn, Georgia, the membership has continued to grow. God has allowed FSM to be a blessing to the community by feeding the hungry, clothing those in need, and working to bring families back together. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! While we humbly bask in the blessing of our past, excitement and anticipation overwhelm us as we envision the future, without a doubt, we believe the best is yet to come.

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